The telecommunications and media sectors are experiencing profound changes:

  • expansion of the Internet which is stealing market share from traditional businesses, while also generating new services and new practices
  • more intense competition and more rapid price decreases
  • a rethinking of infrastructure financing methods, just as fixed and mobile high-speed broadband is necessitating extensive investments
  • impact of recession prompting users to turn to low- or even no-cost service models.

In the face of these major changes, operators and providers must consider the restructuring options that will make them more efficient, more competitive, and better positioned in tomorrow’s markets:

  • acquisitions or partnerships in high-growth segments, in particular on the Internet;
  • pooling of resources or infrastructures;
  • review of operator perimeters to focus on the most attractive markets;
  • consolidation of these sectors to create more solid leaders with better investment capacities.

At the same time, the technologies sector, which includes IT services and R&D outsourcing companies as well as equipment manufacturers and software publishers, continues to evolve in its search for critical mass. Generalist and multi-business models coexist with more specialised companies that hold key technologies.

Gimar & Cie has been very active in these sectors since the company was founded, and benefits from teams of professionals who have completed numerous transactions. They have participated in:

  • the consolidation of the telecommunications sector
  • operator expansion in emerging countries
  • some of the emblematic LBOs in the sector, such as for TDF and Numéricable
  • deals in publishing, magazines, television and video games
  • as well as mergers between European IT services and consulting companies.

They are thus fully equipped to analyse the issues at stake in these sectors, to make suitable proposals and to take part in their implementation.