Far from the vision of a deindustrialising Europe, our continent is home to many competitive and high-performance industrial groups and SMEs.

Today these companies must address:

  • a triple challenge: globalization, excellence and leadership in their field
  • resources to be mobilised to serve these goals: control of their products, R&D investment, increased productivity
  • an amplifying effect of recession that widens the gap between the stronger leaders and their competitors who face more difficult business conditions
  • a strategic issue: access to capital and to investors, which supports the development of the best by giving them a more European or global footprint, or on the contrary facilitates difficult transitions by providing the capital needed for a new start at the right time.


Thus, in a growing number of situations, restructuring or raising additional capital have become a condition of survival for our industries’ development.

To meet these needs – growth by acquisition, strategic mergers, LBOs, recovery financing – the Gimar & Cie teams offer the experience and expertise they have acquired through numerous transactions for industrial players in a wide range of sectors.

The Gimar & Cie teams have been particularly active in the aerospace-defence sector, participating in several of the major restructurings that have occurred in this strategic industry over the past ten years. They also bring to the table their knowledge and understanding of the government approval process that most often accompanies transactions in this sector.