The real estate sector overall has demonstrated its attractiveness to investors as an investment haven; the financial crisis and economic recession have nonetheless greatly reduced the number of transactions and triggered  significant  changes in the sector:

  • continued trend towards concentration: as in other economic sectors, real estate operators have sought to increase their critical mass in order to optimise administration costs and gain easier access to financing, which has led to a rise in transactions involving both real estate companies and the related support services
  • portfolio streamlining and specialisation to optimise investment policies based on precise knowledge of the markets in each asset class, but also to better manage properties via ongoing development efforts over the long term based on in-depth knowledge of user needs
  • new  financing: restructuring of over-leveraged deals, development of funds specialised in real estate debt and of direct financing provided by insurers to partially take the place of the mortgage securities market
  • rise of lease back transactions initiated by companies seeking to focus on their core businesses, find new financial resources and improve their flexibility to better manage their networks, in particular in the distribution, hospitality and services sectors

Gimar & Cie has the skills to provide a truly outstanding service, compared with other players in the sector:

  • a team with longstanding experience in the sector, and able in particular to anticipate changes in asset value based on ongoing market monitoring, and as part of a long-term vision
  • in-depth understanding of regulations, tax systems and modes of financing specific to the real estate sector making it possible to achieve optimal tailor-made structuring
  • exclusive access to investors active in this sector, particularly insurers and REITs, facilitating the rapid formation of consortiums to seize significant investment opportunities.

With this extensive expertise, the Gimar team is able to:

  • execute buy side or sell side assignments for transactions involving real estate companies or service providers (development, property administration etc.),
  • advise real estate companies or their shareholders regarding mergers of equals transactions, disposals of a portion of their property or delisting,
  • advise industrial or service groups on their real estate outsourcing projects by helping them define the relevant property scope to optimise value, target the investors [JD2] best able to meet their needs, and negotiate a contractual framework via a suitable process,
  • serve as an independent consultant for complex debt restructuring or real estate financing transactions.