The independence of our company and our professionals is a key value. Our sole objective is to provide our clients with the solution that best suits their situation and creates the most value:

  • The partnership structure guarantees the teams’ complete independence.
  • Financial consulting is our only line of business.
    We have no financing, trading or research business that could lead to conflicts of interest.


At Gimar & Cie, we are committed to supporting our clients. We know that a financial transaction is a strategic and tricky operation that involves risks. We make an all-round commitment to the company, based on its objectives, to provide the best service and defend its interests.

  • Our partners and senior staff work with the client throughout the project, from launch to completion. They deliver informed, reliable, end-to-end execution.
  • We foster long-term relationships that give us a full understanding of our clients’ industries and strategic needs.

The loyalty many of our clients have shown over the years is evidence of our commitment to these values.


Given the stakes involved in our clients’ transactions, it is our responsibility to be a trustworthy and loyal partner from start to finish, and even after transactions are completed.

  • We pledge the strictest confidentiality concerning the projects with which we are entrusted. Compliance is a matter for every member of our team.
  • The honesty of our analyses and advice is a key feature of our relationship. We owe our clients full transparency with regard to our professional opinion.
  • The pertinence of our analyses and approaches is also an absolute commitment for us. It is our duty to analyse the situations in depth and to propose the wisest choices and options.