Corporate finance consulting

GIMAR & Cie supports clients in all their corporate finance transactions, from design to execution, and addresses the strategic, financial and market aspects at every stage.

  • Analyse our clients’ strategic options in advance: positioning, risks and outlook for the investment asset, possible change scenarios, financial and legal aspects of implementation, decision criteria
  • Examine and implement solutions that improve financial flexibility: disposal of non-strategic assets or businesses, admission of new shareholders to the group or subsidiaries, capital restructuring, financial restructuring
  • Advise shareholders upon the disposal of a company, an ownership stake or a sector of activity
  • Advise a potential buyer concerning a given target or geographic region
  • Structure industrial partnerships, in particular by pooling businesses
  • Seek financial investors to support the company for a specific project

Our added value:

  • Find optimal solutions based on a full understanding of client needs, good knowledge of the counterparties and a detailed analysis of situations so as to define and recommend the best options
  • Provide the client with tactical advice at decisive stages with our extensive negotiating experience
  • Play a key role in completing transactions: find and convince the best counterparties, manage the negotiating calendar with thorough preparation, efficiently coordinate the various participants in order to secure completion of the deal
  • Fully defend our clients’ interests: create a framework conducive to negotiation, dialogue with the counterparty decision-makers, communicate the client’s positions effectively, adapt to changes in the negotiation environment.