Philippe-MARINIChairman of the Board of Managing Partners

Born on January 28, 1950, Philippe Marini graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris in 1969 and received a law degree in 1970. He graduated from the National School of Administration (E.N.A.) in 1974 and then entered government service in the Finance Inspectorate. Other public service posts included the Planning Commission (1978-79) and the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), where he served as Deputy Director (1979-82) and Director for Financial Services (1982-1989). He was also a board member and Financial Director of the CEA’s industrial holding company C.E.A. Industrie (1984-1989) and CEO of its real-estate holding company Varenne-Kleber (1980-1989). Private sector activities included the management board of Banque Arjil (1989-94) and Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board of Kleinwort Benson Gimar & Cie. (1995-97). He was a member of the Supervisory Board of Gimar & Cie since 2000. Lawyer at the Paris bar from 1998 to 2015, he was a member of the law firm Stibbe Simont, Monahan, Duhot and Giroux (1998-1999). He is now member of the board of directors of CIPM International. He is a member of the Paris bar, and stands as an arbitrator for national or international litigations. He is Chairman of the Association Seine Nord-Europe since 2003. He also exercised the elective. Elected Councilor of Compiègne in 1977, he is the mayor since 1987, and chairs the Urban Agglomeration of the Compiègne area since 2005. Former general counsel of Compiègne North (1991-1993; 2001-2002), he has been Senator of Oise from 1992 to 2015 and was rapporteur general (1998-2011) then President (2011-2014) of the Senate Finance Committee.